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Digital Signal Level Meter/DVB-C Analyzer


Digital signal level meter RA2000

The Digital signal level meter Devic200 provides main functions installers and operators are looking for in a econormic signal level meter. Capable of analog and digital measurements of cable TV network, including channel level, C/N, V/A, trunk voltage, digital channel power, BER, MER, at an affordable price. Designed to easily test DVB-C channels.

Numeric keypad for direct channel or frequency entry
Test both forward and return parth
Digital measurement capabilities including: Average power, BER, MER
Channel/Frequency Tuning: From 5-870 MHz (UHF/ VHF/CABLE) allowing return path signal testing
Analog measurement capabilities including Signal Level, A/V ratio, TILT, trunk voltage, and C/N

Frequency Range:
TV and Radio 5-870 MHz
RF Input Impedance:75 ohms
Dynamic Range:
20 dBuV to 120 dBuV or -40 to +60 dBmV
Measurement Resolution:
0.1 dB
Level Measurement Acc:
2 dB typically