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Fusion Splicer

AV6471 Fusion Splicer

AV6471 - Fusion Splicer;

fusion splicer

Overview-fusion splicer

AV6471 fusion splicer is a new designed fiber splicing equipment.The powerful funtcion and super low splicing loss make it be competent for construction of trunk line and FTTX: Because of the compact configuration and precise mechanism, it can adapt to execrable enviroment; The novel fiber imaging system make the image clearer and exquisiter; The real-time embeded OS provide friendly man-machine interface and abundant functions. The bulit-in large capacity Li-Ion battery can support long-time fieldwork.The embeded sensors measured temperature, humidity and air pressure supply closed-loop feedback control, so the instrument can adopt all kinds’ atrocious circumstance and the consistency of splicing loss was improved.

Features-fusion splicer:

• New fully-digitalized design;

• Small volume,light weight,only 2.8kg include battery;
• 8 seconds splicing,25 seconds Heat-Shrinking;
• Close shield splice automatically;Close heater,heat automatically;
• X/Y axes were displayed meanwhile, Magnification upto 304 times;
• Real time calibrating system for discharging,parameter needn’t be adjusted;
• Long Electrode Lifetime,upto 4000 times;
• USB andVGA ports;
• 5.7 inch digital high distinguish LCD;
• Battery capacity was display in real time. Precisely;
• Bulit-in high capacity battery,220 times splicing and heating can be accomplished easily;

Typical Application-fusion splicer:
AV6471 fusion splicer Fiber Splicer mainly applied to fiber cable construction, fiber line maintenance, rush repair fiber cable and fiber device produce test.

Typical application for AV6471 Fusion Splicer

AC/DC Adapter/Charger-Fusion splicer
Please use the AC/DC adapter/charger that supplied by our company. Use of another type of AC/DC adapter can damage the instrument.
Battery-Fusion splicer
1. If your battery is new or has been in storage for a long time, you may need to charge it two or three times to achieve optimum performance levels.
2. For the best battery performance and accuracy of the fuel gauge, completely discharge the battery, then make a complete fast charge cycle (non-operating), and completely discharge the battery again.
3. You must ensure that the charging cycle is not interrupted by a battery discharge, and the discharge cycle is not interrupted by battery charging.
4. Storage temperature range (the storage time is longer than six months) is: -20°C to 45°C. Storage temperature range(the storage time is shorter than or up to six months) is : -20°C to 60°C.
5. To insure safe charging, the temperature should keep 0°C ~ 40°C inside the OFFS. If the temperature is exceeded, the charging would be stopped.
LCD-Fusion splicer
1. Don’t use any sharp device to press the touch screen.
2. Don't pollute touch screen with any organic compound or organic contaminant such as heptanes, ethanol, toluene, cello solve acetate, hydrochloric acid, motor oil, diesel fuel etc.
3. Clean the touch screen with a soft, non-abrasive cloth dampened with glass cleaner.
Fiber Fusion Splicer Use Caution
1. This OFFS can only fusion splice quartz fiber, please don’t apply it to other type fibers.
2. Please keep the shield closed in most time in dusty air to avoid massing dust.
3. When you move to environment of high temperature, please avoid condensing. 4. Annual maintenance is suggested to keep the performance. 5. The OFFS is fine calibrated instrument, please avoid vibration and impact.