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Fusion Splicer


RA3000 - Fusion Splicer;

fusion splicer


RA3000 fiber splicer has newly design, small volume, light weight and much convenient package. Comprehensive protection and parameters compensated design make the whole meter have a wide range of application, even in harsh environment, it can also acquire below-loss optical fiber splice.


• Small volume, light weight, fast speed;

• X/Y images displayed individually or simultaneously;
• 8 seconds splicing,25 seconds Heat-Shrinking;
• Fully automatic and convenient operation;
• Replaceable electrode;
• Short heating time, improve efficiency;
• Could store 1000 welding records;
• Optical lithium-battery powered;
• Tension test;
• Display fiber cutting and offset angle;
• Automatic detection of the quality of the cut fiber end;