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Analog Signal Level Meter


RA2007 - Analog measurement, 5~870MHz;
0~9 Numeric Keys Input;
Wider LCD Display;
Dual Channel Measurement.

RA2007 signal lever meter is adapting for CATV installation and measurement which is designed specifically for high-performance measuring instruments. It adopts a wider LCD, the use of microprocessor makes the function enhanced much more. It supports single channel measurement, dual channel measurement, carrier difference measurement, carrier-to-noise ratio measurement, memory of last measurement status etc.

Key features:

• Wider LCD with back light.
• Equipped with the most functional features, ideal for installation and maintenance.
• Direct frequency input from 5MHz ~ 870MHz
• Direct channel input of channel numbers
• Simultaneously displays video carrier and V/A measurement.
• Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement.
• Trunk voltage measurement.
• Battery-powered handheld model, Internal NiMH battery with included charger.
• Rugged, compact and mobile, with rubber jacket, carry strap and manual.