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Handheld Optical multimeter


RA3301A - -70~+3;
RA3301B - -50~+26


Handheld Optical multimeter is for the installation, operation and maintenance of a fiber optic network designed accurate, durable and portable instrumentation. A compact shape, automatic shutdown feature, wide range of optical power measurement, accurate measurement accuracy, and user self-calibration function and general interface design, while the linear index (mW) and nonlinear index (dBm) display on the same screen.

Stable optical handheld multimeter can be customized to provide 1 to 4 wavelength stability of the output, not only can provide 650nm visible red light, single-mode fiber can be measured to provide dual-wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm laser output, or provide 850/1300 / 1310/1550nm four wavelength laser output, fiber-optic project is the ideal test instrument.


Self calibration by user himself

Rechargeable lithium battery used to reduce user costs
Linear (mW) and nonlinear index (dBm) display on the same screen
Can set the automatic shut down function
High stability multi-wavelength single-(multi) mode laser output, CW mode or modulated mode
Color LCD display
Data can be uploaded to PC



1. Don’t watch the output port with eyes while it is running, the laser will hurt your eyes

2. If you are not going to use the tester for long time, cover the dust-proof cap immediately to keep the end clean, don’t expose it in air for long time, otherwise dust may gather polluting the output end.

3. After the stabilized light source works for a time, dirt or dust may gather at output end reducing output optical power, if so, user can gently wipe the surface using cotton swab dipped with alcohol, then remove the contaminants with dry cotton swab. If end still look dirty after doing so, please contact us

4. For any other fault, please immediately contact our technician, don’t open the cabinet of the device to repair it by yourself, otherwise more serious problems may occur. We will not repair any product that have been disassembled by user himself


SN Diagnosis Solution
1 Output light is found unsteady Please recharge the battery
2 The terminal of adapter is dirty Clean it gently with alcohol
3 The output optical power is unsteady after startup Pre-warm the device for 15 minutes before using it