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2M/E1/Datacom Tester


RA4350 - 2M transmission analyzer

RA4350 2M Transmission Analyzers is mainly used for measuring of the error rate of data communication and for the analysis of line fault and causes, and very suitable for the parameter measurement and routine maintenance testing of 2M system, NX64K communication channels.

Major Features

●English menu, Large screen, Easy operation.

●Multitask operation (It is allowed to conduct a test while browsing previous records).
●Test results can be stored, and kept in memory in the event of power failure.
●The instrument can be powered on or off at certain times for testing purpose.
●Column diagram analysis of alarms and error codes.
●Software updating online

Major Functions

●Service-interrupted error code testing;

●Framing and non-framing signals generation and reception;
●2 Mbit/s non-framing error code performance testing;
●2 Mbit/s framing NX64kbit/s channel error code performance testing;
●Performance testing of bit error, coding error, frame error, CRC error and E bit error;
●Alarm testing of signal loss, AIS alarm, frame remote alarm, multiframe remote alarm, out-of-frame, and out-of-pattern synchronism;
●Frequency swing testing;
●Through mode;
●G. 821/G. 826/M. 2100 error code performance analysis;
●Two clock options (internal and picking-up);

Technical Index

2M Technical Index

(1) Signal input rate: 2048kbit/s±100ppm (G.703 requirement±50PPM)
(2) Signal coding: HDB3, AMI.
(3) Input jitter tolerance: 10UI 20Hz to 2.4 KHz, 0.5UI 18 to 100HZ
(4) Input balance response: Attenuation complies with the law of square root of frequency, and is within the range of 0 to 6dB at 1024 kHz.
(5) Input Impedance
(5.1) Unbalance terminating: 75Ω
Balance terminating: 120Ω
Reflection loss >18dB within 50Hz to 3100 kHz.
(5.2) Unbalance bridging: > 750
Balance bridging: >1200
(5.3) Unbalance monitoring: 75Ω, 26dB gain
Balance monitoring: 120Ω, 26dB gain
Reflection loss >18dB within 50Hz to 3100kHz.
(6) Signal structure
(6.1) Non-frame structure
(6.2) Frame structure: PCM30, PCM31, PCM30CRC, PCM31CRC
Frame structure complies with the requirement of G.704.
(7) Testing pattern: 2E6-1, 2E9-1, 2E11-1, 2E15-1, 2E20-1,2E23-1and artificial code
(8) Impedance of output interface:
(8.1) Non-balance 75Ω, up to G.703
(8.2) Balance 120Ω, up to G.703.
(9) External clock input
(9.1) Signal form: HDB3, NRZ
(9.2) Balance terminating resistance: 120
Unbalance terminating resistance: 75
Balance bridging resistance: >1200
Unbalance bridging resistance :>750
(10) Error code insertion: None, single, or ratio 10-1 ~ 10-7.

Other Parameters

Power supply: Input: AC220V 50Hz Output: DC 9V 1A
Internal rechargeable battery: 1400mAh, 7.2V Li battery
Working time: More than 4 hours
Charging time: Less than 2 hours.
Weight: 255g
Operation temperature: 0 to 40℃
Storage Temperature: -30 to +70℃
Humidity: 5% to 90%, non-condensing