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PON Optical power meter

RA3211 PON Optical power meter

RA3211 - 1310 upstream measurement;
RA3211 - 1490 downstream measurement;
RA3211 - 1550 downstream measurement;

Overview PON Optical power meter

PON optical power meter is a tester designed for design, operation and maintenance of FTTX network. It is able to concurrently measure the optical power values of voice, data and video signals. It is an ideal choice for the construction and maintenance of FTTX network works.

Applications PON Optical power meter

FTTx/PON opening: it is used to measure all PON signals during opening stage, in order to verify and ensure network standards are satisfied; FTTx/PON maintenance: it is used to solve various transfer problems, e.g.: dirty connector ends, bending, broken optical fibre, any of such problems may produce signal loss or decrease transfer performance.

Maintenance PON Optical power meter

1. Regularly clean the end of sensor, keep it free of grease, dirt. Don't use dirty, non-standard connector, don't insert in the end in poor polishing conditions, otherwise the sensor's end may be damaged, otherwise the performance of entire system may degrade.

2. Use only one adapter if possible.
3. If you are not going to use the tester for the time, cover the dust-proof cap immediately to keep the end clean. Long-time exposure in air may gather dust therefore influencing measurement accuracy.
4. Plug and unplug the adapter with care, don't leave any scratches on the ports.
5. Regularly clean the surface of sensor, when cleaning the sensor, please gently wipe the surface using cotton swab by circling the perimeter.
6. Handle the tester with care, protect it against fall or collision.